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Welcome on the website of the Kan, Han and Tan Family

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New 02-06-2020: Questions, panoramic photo

Introduction to the English site

The site of the Kan, Han and Tan Family was launched in July 2017 and started in the Dutch language. As a result of feedback from readers of countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong and the USA an English language site was initiated shortly after the launch the Dutch site. This English site will therefore facilitate visitors who do not understand the Dutch language well.

For the English site click on the UK flag.

For the Dutch site click on the NL flag

Although both sites are still under construction a start has been made to translate some of the stories into English. Up untill now 9 in total, can be found under the tab “Stories”.

Items that did not need translation such as the photo albums, parental documentation and family trees and items under the tab “Family Documentation”, as for example the Sinci's of the Lie family, are available on the Dutch and the English site.

To stimulate some feedback from visitors to this site, a special tab “Questions and Divers” is presented. Under this tab the questions posed in the stories are highlighted for each story. Also visitors are invited to comment on this site’s content and on the stories with contact knob.


A result of the feedback received is for example the story about “Gedong Dalam” the villa of my great-grandfather Tan Goan Piauw. This story concerns the villa at different times in history. So it also presents photos of its present day status showing what remains of this villa.

To finish with: thanks to all those who gave me feedback up to now and to the Webmasters (Ineke Kroon and Chris Foxwell) for preparing this site and helping me with the English translation.

S.Y. Kan
Last update May 2020



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