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Questions and commentary

Questions related to the stories.


The stories presented on this site are based on anecdotes of family members, historical newspaper articles, the notes of the Kong Koan of Batavia and own experiences.
Additions to the stories were made possible thanks to questions and comments of readers.
After completion however there still remain some unanswered items.
This is a request to readers who might know answers to these questions.


1. De Grafvondst van mijn stamvader Kan Keng Tiong en het fenomeen van Mandarijnen in Nederlands Indië: (not yet translated)

Does anybody know where and when the first photo of Mandarins and western officers was taken?
Does anybody recognize the land of origin of the western officers?
These questions also apply to the second photo.

2. A mass grave:

Are there more stories written about grave excavations in Indonesia in about 1962?
Were the graves at the graveyard of the Kong Koan of Djakarta excavated orderly and in time?

3. H.H. Kan’s last home: Djalan Teuku Umar 15, Djakarta:

Is there a register of stolen art and antique objects?
Is there a list of British spoils of war in the United Kingdom ?
Is the house Jl. Teuku Umar 15 in Jakarta still owned by the Pakistani Embassy?

4. The number on the yellow Universitas Indonesia jacket

Are there other films like the NBC News Special : INDONESIA: THE TROUBLED VICTORY about Indonesia in the years 1965-1968 highlighting the student revolts?

5 The Djakarta Amateur Orchestra:

Are there more members of the Djakarta Amateur orchestra or their descendants who are still alive?

6. Algemeen Vernietigings Corps: (not yet translated)

Are there still people who knew Dary Kan such as personnel of the ANIEM and/or his year club of the Delft electrical engineering department 1927/1928 cq. the Delfts Studenten Corps?
Does somebody know the whereabouts of the memory plaque with names of the fallen employees of the ANIEM in the Dutch Indies during WW II?


7. The Chinese Tea Lords:

Does mother Tan Goey (of Gwie) La Nio belong to the family of Tan Goan Pauw?

8. De voorouderaltaren van de Kan Han Tan clan: (not yet translated)

Does anybody know the whereabouts of the paintings that can be seen on the picture of the altar of Kan Keng Tiong and Jo Heng Nio?

10. Tan Goan Piauw and Thung Leng Nio

Does anybody know the whereabouts of the Kong Koan Archives of Buitenzorg ?
Since Tan Goan Piauw did not live in this house situated at the Handelsstraat (jl. Suryakencana no 210) : does anybody know who is meant by “the Old Captain Tan”.

12a Tan Tjoen Lee en Han Tek Nio (not yet translated)

Does anybody know what became of the roof of the tomb of Tan Tjoen Lee? Was it demolished or was it reused as a roof of a house

12b. Tan Tjoen Lee (not yet translated)

The freemasons gather in front of the Loge “Ster in het Oosten”. Does anybody know why and when this photo was taken?

Photo taken at the birthday of Tan Tjoen Lee on March the 29 1934.

The names of the front row are 1. 俊礼:Tjoen Lee, 2. 丙丁:Piang Teng, 3.金戊:Kim Bo, 4.性初:Hing So, 5.长福:Tiang Hok 6.添兴:Tiam Hin, 7.两火:Liang Hwe, 8.田坂:Tian Pan, 9.荣利:Eng Lie, 10.文矮:Boen XX 11.芬专:Hoen Tjoan, 12.嘉兴:Ke Hin. Does anybody recognize any of the family members?


14. Desiree Tan (Hoei Nio) (not yet translated)

Would there be any chance of finding family of the Hungaryan friend of Desiree Tan: Magda Mattyasovasky Rudnyanscky?
Magda Mattyasovasky Rudnyanscky lived on XI Manyoki üt 14 in Budapest.
From a visit in 1933 to this friend we have the following photo’s:

15. Bommeltje (not yet translated)

Does anyone have more information about the cause and circumstances of the death of Bommeltje (Douwina Petronella Maria van Bommel) in Kamp Tjideng?

16. Hay Liang Louis (H.L.L.) Kan en de Opium- en Zoutregie in Nederlands Indie. (not yet translated)

Does anyone recognize the pictures and/or have more information about the scenes in the photos??

20. De verdwenen Compagnie Seepers van de Stadswacht van Batavia (not yet translated)

Some open questions about the vanished company Seepers?
Did mister Seepers help other members of his company to disappear from the listings?
Are there still other surviving members of the Seepers company?


Who knows more about this photo

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Does anybody know where and when this panoramic photo was taken?

Do you recognize anybody on the photo?

Does anybody know why this gathering took place?


Do you want to respond to the content of the stories or family documentation?
Do you have answers to my questions in the stories?
I look forward to seeing your responses!



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